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Is going off-grid with solar a reality?


You can now store the energy generated by solar in batteries, but does that mean you can go off-grid?

What does off-grid mean?

The term off-grid simply means that your home is self-sufficient power wise i.e. you don’t need to connect to the power grid or pay an energy provider. The energy your solar system generates is enough to run your home at night or over a period of time with little sun e.g the winter months. This is good news for the environment and a great way to save money ongoing.

Can I go off-grid?

With the costs of solar systems and battery storage falling, being self-sufficient is starting to become a reality for many however, if you live in the city the sun-facing roof space required, may be a limiting factor.

Rural properties are considerably more likely to go completely off-grid storage due to the size of the roof space required. In these rural areas, the time it takes to recoup the cost of installing a solar battery system can be less than 4-years.

What is partial off-grid?

Fortunately being self-sufficient isn’t a choice between being grid-connected and totally off-grid; there is a happy medium. In fact, today most homes that install a solar system with a battery maintain their connection to the grid in order to have a failsafe.

With solar, there are 3 options (1) use solar for your energy needs during the day only (2) become partially self-reliant i.e. stay connected to the grid but use solar and batteries to help you meet most of your energy needs (day and night) or (3) become totally self-sufficient i.e. cut ties with the grid and your energy provider with a system large enough to manage any and all power use.

Being partially self-sufficient allows a huge amount of flexibility in terms of deciding how much self-reliance you would like, or can afford. Simply install a grid-connected solar system with a smaller battery, as millions of households around the world already have. From here you can easily upscale and go completely off-grid at any time.

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